Episode 1 | Sun, Sand and Salt Water

Swept Together Episode 1 Sun Sand Salt Water

In today’s episode, we’re talking margaritas (obviously), starting a business with your partner, bravery, + communication.

We met some amazing business owners while we were in Playa del Carmen + of course spent time chatting with them about their work, their relationships + how they ended up in Mexico. Here are a few of the things we covered:

Are you failing to launch your business because of fear?

Are you failing to find the person you deserve because you’re afraid to be vulnerable with another human being?

What does your evening routine look like?

Have you + your partner experienced any growing pains in your relationship or business?

What made you feel loved today?

Resources mentioned in Episode 001:

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Evergreen Lane Productions

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Madréz Cafe

Vlog 001 | Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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