Episode 13 | A Little Help From Our Friends

Swept Together Episode 13 A Little Help From Our Friends

On today’s episode, you may want to stop eating whatever meal you have in front of you because we’re talking about dog’s butts + RV black tanks. We’re also chatting about the huge amount of work we’ve been putting into the inside of our RV.

The photo about is from our first trip in the RV, in its pre-renovated state. We’ve had so much help from our friends in all the projects we’ve done so far – you’ll see some of the current in-progress photos below. So far, we painted cabinets, replaced hardware, reupholstered pillows, + pulled up floors. Here’s what we covered in the episode:

How has your community rallied around you in support of a dream you’re working towards?

Are you an over-delegator or an under-delegator?

What made you feel loved today?

Swept Together RV Renovation Update

Resources Mentioned in Episode 013:

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