Episode 32 | Together With Nocturne

Swept Together Episode 32 Together With Nocturne

Today, we’re telling a real life La La Land story, interviewing Nicole + Scott Mattson at their Denver restaurant, Nocturne Jazz + Supper Club.

They’ve been through a lot between meeting in high school over twenty years ago through recently opening a restaurant as a married couple. There are TONS of gold nuggets in this episode for other couplepreneurs! Here’s what we covered:

What shifts can you make to realign your trajectory towards your dreams?

Have you ever encountered major setbacks? How have you handled those as a couple?

What’s your favorite part of working with your partner?

How did you transition from the corporate/employee world into entrepreneurship?

How do you + your partner divide tasks in alignment with your individual strengths?

What made you feel loved today?

Resources mentioned in Episode 32:


Evergreen Lane Productions

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