Episode 36 | A Place For Everything

Swept Together Episode 36 A Place For Everything

On today’s episode, we spill the beans on how we keep our cat from becoming a pancake, Annabelle imitates a drone, + Christian has a fight with a tree.

We’re recording from Yosemite National Park (so excuse the wind noise!), chatting about the systems that make our life easier – which means more time for adventures. Here’s what we covered:

  • The checklist we go through every time we change campsites in the RV
  • The business automations we put in place for less work + more play
  • Why we think systems are worth the effort

Resources mentioned in Episode 36:

Episode 33 | A Little Lonesome

Evergreen Lane Productions

Dubsado (use code evergreenlane for 20% off your first month!)

Laura Lee Photography

The Wedding Photographer’s Playbook

Our AirBnb

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