Episode 50 | On the Road Again

Swept Together Episode 50 RV Life Q&A

*Congratulations to our Serac Hammocks giveaway winner, Lindsay! We can’t wait to send you your Sequoia Hammock!*

On today’s episode, we’re celebrating our 50th episode AND our 1-year podcast-anniversary! 

We’re recording from Gulliver the RV, driving through Indiana, answering some questions we’ve gotten from listeners/friends about what it’s like to live on the road. We’re not experts, but we’ve learned a few things since we hit the road 5 months ago. Here’s what we covered:

  • How we juggle working on the road, schedule our working hours and get Internet while we travel
  • How we decide where we’re headed next + how many hours we drive in a day
  • The biggest lesson we’ve learned since moving into Gulliver the RV

Resources mentioned in Episode 50:

Episode 28 | The Mile High City

Episode 45 | Taking A Detour

Harvest Hosts / Free Campsites / Campendium

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