Episode 59 | Where We Go From Here

Swept Together Episode 59 Future Planning

In today’s episode, we debate the pronunciation of pecans, contemplate big houses in the suburbs, and Annabelle has an existential crisis while Christian maintains his chill (as usual).

We’re seventh months into our RV trip, and that leaves us with the big question: what’s next? What do you do when you realize that your own expectations of how your life is going to don’t match your values? Here’s what we covered:

  • Is having a 5-year plan essential?
  • How do you talk through what’s next when your priorities change?
  • Can you create a life where you have the “best of both worlds”?

Resources mentioned in Episode 59:

Header photo by Biz Jones Photography

Master of None

Episode 58 | Our Own Irresistible Interview

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