Episode 68 | Where We’ll Marry the Wrong Person

Swept Together Podcast Episode 68 Do we have a Soul Mate?

Today we’re talking about Christian’s obsession with romantic comedies, Annabelle’s gratitude practice, how dating websites are like Yelp, and where we stand on the “soul mate” debate.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Have we married the wrong person?
  • How we develop a messed-up idea of what relationships are supposed to be about
  • Is settling for “good enough” really worse than holding out for “perfection?”
  • Why vulnerability and self-discovery are the keys to a “good enough” marriage
  • How we teach each other to be better romantic partners

Resources mentioned in Episode 68:

The Five Minute Journal

Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person by Alain de Botton | Watch the video

Episode 0 | Where the Coffee Is

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