Episode 21 | From Sea To Shining Sea, Pt 2

Swept Together Episode 21 From Sea To Shining Sea Pt 2On today’s episode, we’re giving you a bunch of inconsequential directions, discussing u-pick farms, the rigamarole of visiting Disney Parks + why building shared experiences with your loved ones is important.

We’re recapping our coast-to-coast holiday season in another two-parter, of which this is the second installment. We spent New Years with Annabelle’s family in Orlando, partied at Disney World (which involved more complex logistics than you’d think) + spent time with some of the people we love. Here’s what we covered:

When did you + your partner meet each other’s family?

What are some of your favorite shared experiences you’ve had with your partner or their family?

Have you been to Disney? What’s your favorite ride/park?

What made you feel loved today?

Resources Mentioned in Episode 021:

Episode 20 | From Sea to Shining Sea, Pt 1

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