Episode 3 | Embracing Our Differences

Swept Together Episode 3 Embracing Our Differences

In today’s episode, we’re interviewing Annabelle’s parents (pictured above)!

We chatted about how they’ve managed to stay married for 40 years + be in business together for 30, how change is like a slinky, + where Annabelle gets her love of lists. Here are a few of the things we covered:

How do you + your partner complement each other in life + business?

What can you delegate + what are the things that only you can do?

Do you + your partner have any common hobbies outside of work?

What is your morning routine? Is it the same as your partners, or different?

What made you feel loved today?

Resources mentioned in Episode 003:

Needles & Powers



How The Best Get Better – Book + CD set about goal setting + time management mentioned in the show

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

Episode 000 | Where The Coffee Is

* none of these links are affiliates, just things we use + love!

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