Episode 27 | A Huge RV!

Swept Together Episode 27 A Huge RV

On today’s episode, we’re talking about the wolf in our RV + when you should or shouldn’t lick poles, then Annabelle explains things about electricity that she doesn’t understand.

We can’t believe that our big trip is only 6 weeks away! Today, we’re sharing an update on where we stand with the RV renovation project AND spilling the beans about what we’ve decided to name our house on wheels. Here’s what we covered:

Do you have a project that you’ve been working on for a long period of time? How do you stay motivated?

Any requests for awesome couplepreneurs or traveling couples that you’d love for us to interview on the show in the future?

What made you feel loved today?

Resources Mentioned in Episode 027:

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Tom Dansby with RV Medic

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