Episode 43 | Permanently On The Road

Swept Together Episode 43 Permanently On The Road

On today’s episode, we’re interviewing Joe + Emilie, the awesome couple behind Permanent Road Trip, about the hummus disaster that brought them together, how they start their days on the road, + the secret super power of RV life.

Here’s what we covered:

  • What initially drew them to each other + has kept them connected for 13 years
  • Why they decided to leave their comfortable lives in Cincinnati for a permanent road trip
  • The benefits of setting a firm deadline for big goals
  • How they designed their lifestyle to lessen their impact on the environment
  • Advice for couples who are considering the RV life
  • The rituals they implement that keep their relationship strong

Stay in touch with Joe + Emilie online:

@PermanentRoadTrip on Instagram

Permanent Road Trip


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Episode 34 | A Serial Homestead

Episode 19 | Wherever I’m With You


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Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

Purple Haze Lavender Farm

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