Episode 57 | Our Creative Zone

Swept Together Episode 57 On Creativity

On today’s episode, we’re debating about starving artists, whether or not everyone is creative, and how early Christian is allowed to have a midlife crisis.

We’re feeling the creative frustration over here but in this conversation, we hashed out some ways forward.  Here’s what we covered:

  • The left/right brain myth
  • Our impulses to put something tangible out into the world
  • The definition of creativity and how we tackle creative blocks

Resources mentioned in Episode 57:

The infamous Episode 0 | Where the Coffee Is

The Boston Museum of Fine Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York

Denver Art Museum Sustaining Membership – How we visit art museums all over the country, thanks to reciprocity!

Our RV Renovations: Before + After

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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