Episode 62 | The Happiest Place on Earth

Swept Together Episode 62 Our Favorite Moments of 2017

In today’s episode, we decided to record in the wilds of Walt Disney World (so pardon our background noise) but we couldn’t think of a better place to record our 2017 highlight episode.

This was a big year in Swept Together land, so we wanted to share some gratefulness for all the amazing things we’ve experienced this year. Here’s what we covered:

  • Our top 3 highlights of 2017
  • A bunch of suggestions if you’d like to dip back into the archives while we’re on a holiday break


Resources mentioned in Episode 62:

Episode 29 | The Akademik Ioffe – our journey to Antarctica!

Episode 30 | The Seventh Continent – our Antarctic experience + Annabelle’s 30th birthday

Vlog 2 + Vlog 3 – video of all those penguins + whales from Antarctica

Episode 27 | A Huge RV! – preparing to move into Gulliver the RV

Episode 40 | Where We Plant Our Roots – our Redwoods National Park episode

Episode 54 | Belize in Ever After – the boat escape story from our wedding!

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