Episode 7 | Hustlin’ with Hashtagitude


Swept Together Episode 7 Hangin with Hashtagitude

In today’s episode, we’re talking with Ryan + Helene of Hashtagitude about trivia night, the perils of grammar mistakes while online dating, + of course, working with your significant other.

Helene + Christian went to business school together back in the day – now she + her boyfriend Ryan co-own a social media marketing company named Hashtagitude. Here are a few of the things we covered in today’s interview:

Are there ways you + your partner take advantage of your complimentary skillsets?

Does anyone know what that confetti cone emoji is all about?

How do you balance the interruptions of entrepreneurship with carving out personal time?

Is entrepreneurship part of your family history in any way?

How do you + your partner divide tasks within your business or your relationship?

Do you work on pricing or proposals together or separately?

What made you feel loved today?

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