Episode 76 | Three Years and Counting

Swept Together Episode 076 Relationship Lessons

Today we’re talking about relationship math, Annabelle’s bad habit of wandering off into her own head, and we can neither confirm nor deny the first book we read together.

Here’s what we covered:

  • What we’ve learned about ourselves and each other after three years together
  • The difference between passionate love and companionate love
  • How struggles have impacted our relationship as we’ve grown together
  • Why it’s important to keep pursuing each other even when you’re tempted to coast
  • Have questions for us that you’d like to hear us answer on an upcoming episode? Leave a comment below!

Resources mentioned in Episode 76:

Mural in our cover photo by Jason Thielke

Episode 0 | Where the Coffee Is

Aziz Ansari on Modern Romance

Episode 32 | Together with Nocturne – Scott + Nicole’s interview

Companionate vs Passionate Love - Johnathan Haidt

Graph from The Happiness Hypothesis by Johnathan Haidt

Gottman Institute on Building Love Maps

Episode 048 | The Funny Thing About Marriage – Gerard + Jessie’s interview

Denver Graffiti Tour

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