Episode 44 | Two Peas in a Pod

Swept Together Episode 44 Two Peas In A Pod

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On today’s episode, we’re talking about the Irish goodbye, a random task that Annabelle has almost exclusively delegated to Christian, + why introverts haven’t been eliminated through natural selection.

After big social activities, one of us plays solitaire on our phones while the other calls people to chat. Can you guess which of us is which? If you didn’t know already, we fall on opposite ends of the introvert/extrovert spectrum – but we manage to use this personality difference into an asset. Here’s what we covered:

  • The major difference between extroverts + introverts (hint: it has to do with how we recharge)
  • How we adapt to being in a relationship with someone of a different personality type
  • Navigating decision-making, risk-taking + social calendars as an introvert/extrovert balanced couple
  • The steps we’ve taken to communicate to each other what we need despite our differences

Resources mentioned in Episode 44:

16 Personalities (free Myers-Briggs-based personality quiz)

Quiet by Susan Caine

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Tuesdays Together – Rising Tides Society

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