Episode 8 | A Journey, Not the Destination

Swept Together Episode 8 A Journey Not The DestinationOn today’s episode, we’re talking about whether our 2009 selves would have gotten along, Annabelle’s short-lived custom greeting card business, art museums, + personal growth.

Our paths almost crossed here in Colorado several times before we finally met in 2015, thanks to The Internet. What would have happened if we had met back in 2009? We chat about the lessons we’ve learned in the last 6 years, both from starting our business + walking through our divorces. Here’s what we covered:

What are the pivotal events in your life that have made you who you are today?

Did your business happen on purpose, or did you stumble into entrepreneurship like we did?

Any other recovering perfectionists out there? How has that affected your business + relationships?

In what areas are you currently growing, learning + progressing?

What made you feel loved today?

Resources Mentioned in Episode 008:

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