Episode 34 | A Serial Homestead

Swept Together Episode 34 A Serial Homestead

On today’s episode, we’re interviewing the couple behind Serial Homesteaders about their career transitions, life on the road, + their (really wise) definition of happiness.

It’s the second episode we recorded at the Grand Canyon: our friends Rodney + Alisa are celebrating one year living in their 16-ft travel trailer, working for the National Park Service. Coolest life ever, right? We couldn’t have hosted a better couple for our first interview from Gulliver the RV. Here’s what we covered:

  • How Rodney + Alissa made the decision to move into an RV + change their career trajectory
  • The highs + lows of small space living with your partner
  • The best part of working with your partner (+ the one thing they always avoid)
  • How they’ve made travel + relationship work by implementing the Golden Rule
  • The ways they supported each other through the minimalizing process

Resources mentioned in Episode 34:

Serial Homesteaders

Episode 33 | A Little Lonesome

Our campsite in Grand Canyon National Park

Everglades National Park

Yellowstone National Park


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